Short answers to big questions on the WTO and the environment

28/10/2020    426

This booklet by the Trade and Environment Division of the World Trade Organization (WTO) aims at improving understanding of the role of trade and trade rules with regards to environmental issues.

It seeks to answer, in easyto-understand terms, some of the key questions of the trade and environment debate as they relate to the multilateral trading system. In this sense, it is not an exhaustive analysis of the issues covered, but rather an attempt to provide basic information and examples to answer some common questions raised about trade and the environment.

The content of this booklet contains:

1. What are the links between trade and environment?

2. Do WTO commitments prevent governments from protecting the environment?

3. Since WTO rules do not prevent environmental action, what do they say?

4. Can governments provide green support?

5. What is the role of the WTO in furthering members’ environmental policies?

The booklet is attached in the file below