Vietnam, Australia to expand barley trade

04/11/2020    117

The Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) has said it is engaging with Vietnamese brewers and maltsters to expand its barley exports, as China recently imposed a tariff of over 80 percent on the product. 

During a webinar held last month, the AEGIC provided an update on the 2020 barley season and introduced attractive offers to Vietnamese partners. 

Director of the AEGIC Barley Market Mary Raynes said that as Vietnam’s beer output is expected to grow by 2-3 percent annually, barley imports are likely to rise to 330,000 tonnes by 2030, nearly double the figure in 2019. 

Meanwhile, Executive Chairman of Barley Australia Megan Sheehy explained how Australia’s malt barley accreditation system adds value for customers. 

Professor Matthew Tucker from the University of Adelaide and barley malt flavour research fellow Sue Stewart, meanwhile, presented cutting-edge research and information comparing the flavour components of barley varieties from Australia and its competitors.

With over 40 representatives from Vietnam’s beer and alcoholic beverage market, the event opened up new trade opportunities between the two countries. 

Australia’s barley sector is keen to seek alternative markets and is targeting Asian nations, including Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.

Source: Vietnam Plus