Scandinavian fruits and vegetables market

04/07/2021    214

Time: 07/2021

By: Vietnam Trade Office in Sweden

The Nordic fresh fruit and vegetable market shifts from quantity to quality, consumers are interested in products in terms of taste, shape, nutrition, diversity and convenience.

The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables over the years follows an up trend in all Nordic countries.The reason for the increase is a focus on health issues, according to the Vietnam Trade Office in Sweden.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety and the environment, from how the product is grown, transported and handled, in short, from the farm to table. All of the above factors affect distribution channels from retail to wholesale to increasingly meet the requirements of consumers, competitiveness in the market.

The different trends of consumers but all share the same criteria for fresh fruits and vegetables include: healthy products, safe products, organic and fair trade products, specialties and novelty products, convenient products, as recommendation by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The report will introduce an overview of the Nordic fresh fruit and vegetable market such as size, trends, market segmentation, production situation, import and export, distribution channels, market regulations, business opportunities to give advice to Vietnamese businesses.

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