Product quality key to boosting coffee exports to North Europe

28/07/2021    18

Local firms have been urged to focus their efforts on producing high-quality coffee or organic coffee in order to make further inroads in the Northern European market, according to advice given by the Vietnamese Trade Office in Sweden.

Currently, Vietnam mainly exports unroasted and decaffeinated coffee to Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Nordic nations typically import Arabica coffee beans and a small amount of Robusta coffee, while Vietnam mainly exports Robusta coffee, thereby accounting for approximately 95% of its coffee exports.

However, industry experts say there remains plenty of room for Vietnamese coffee to boost its exports to the Nordic market, particularly following the enforcement of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) last year.

In line with the EVFTA, coffee products exported to the market will enjoy a preferential tariff of 0%, a factor which has helped Vietnamese coffee to boast a competitive advantage over regional peers.

To gain a firm foothold in the Nordic coffee market, the Vietnamese Trade Office in Sweden has advised local exporters to fully utilise different channels in an effort to introduce their coffee products to the region.

Moreover, domestic firms should pay attention to improving their product quality and supply capacity as both retailers and roasters are increasingly seeking direct suppliers of green beans.

Source: VOV