The E-Book on East Asia Investment Practice

31/05/2022    124

Time: 2021

By: East Asia Business Council (EABC)

Ebooks on East Asian Investment Practices include Ebooks on Investment Practices of 10 ASEAN Member States and China, Japan and Korea.

Ebooks on Investment Practices of each ASEAN Member include the following Chapters:

Chapter 1: General Information on geography, political, social and cultural environment 

Chapter 2: Business Environment 

Chapter 3: Economic and Trade Policies 

Chapter 4: Industrial Development

Chapter 5: Starting a Business

Chapter 6: Legal Provisions

Chapter 7: Dispute Resolution

Chapter 8: Free Trade Agreements

Chapter 9: Support Measures against COVID-19

Chapter 10: Contact Information of Relevant Departments and Institutions

Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are The Ebooks on East Asia Investment Practices of 10 ASEAN countries:

Brunei (English)

Myanmar (English)

Cambodia (English)

Thailand (English)

Vietnam (English)

Laos (English)

Indonesia (English)

Malaysia (English)

Philippines (English)

Singapore (English)