China urges WTO to sift US-led chip export curbs

05/04/2023    42

China has urged the World Trade Organization to scrutinise US-led technology export restrictions aimed at curbing its ability to make advanced chips, state television said on Wednesday.

Chinese representatives told a regular WTO meeting this week that Japan, the Netherlands and the United States should report their plans and subsequent measures to the body, which it urged to step up supervision on the matter, broadcaster CCTV said.

On Tuesday, the commerce ministry said Beijing was seriously concerned about Japan's export curbs on chip-making equipment and called for it to correct its "wrong practice".

The move of the three nations in alignment to curb chip exports to China "violates the fairness and transparency principles of WTO", CCTV said.

Last week, without specifying China as the target, Japan had said it would restrict export of 23 types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, a move in line with Washington's curbs announced last October.

Source: Reuters