Opportunities from EVFTA commitments on Procedure for certification of origin

Regulations on origin certification procedures in the EVFTA are applied to all types of goods. The EVFTA allows two types of origin certification, including:

  • Issuance of a certificate of origin: A competent authority of the exporting country issues a Certificate of Origin for goods based on the documents presented by the exporter.

  • Self-Certification: An origin declaration shall be made out by the exporter on the invoice, the delivery notes or any other commercial documents, instead of applying for a certificate of origin from a competent authority.

In comparison with the CPTPP, the scope of procedures for origin declaration in the EVFTA is more limited (the CPTPP also allows procedures for origin declaration). Specifically, the EVFTA allows origin declaration by only exporters, while the CPTPP allows exporters, manufacturers and importers.

In practice, specific procedures for a certification of origin of each Party (including Procedures for issuance of a certificate of origin and origin declaration) will be determined by that Party, in accordance with commitments in the Agreement. Specifically:

For goods exported from Germany

The EU has developed a mechanism of origin declaration for exported goods, which is generally applied throughout the EU. Therefore, goods exported from Germany will also apply the EU's mechanism of origin declaration.

Specifically, the EU is using the Registered Exporter System (REX System) for EU exporters to register, thereby being able to self-certify the origin of goods under a number of FTAs ​​(including the EVFTA). Each exporter registered and certified by this System will be provided with a unique number (referred to as a REX number). Therefore, German exporters will uniformly use this REX number to self-certify origin of their shipments to meet the EVFTA's ROO when exporting to Vietnam

EVFTA full text for more information: https://wtocenter.vn/chuyen-de/12778-eu-vietnam-trade-and-investment-agreements 

Source: "Business Handbook: Exploiting the EVFTA  to import and export goods between Vietnam and Germany" - Center for WTO and International Trade