LP Hub - Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub

1. Introduction

The Labour Provisions in Trade Agreements Hub (LP Hub) (https://www.ilo.org/LPhub/) provides a comprehensive systematization of labor-related provisions in more than 100 regional trade agreements (RTAs) in approximately 140 economies in the world. 

LP Hub helps promote more inclusive trade, by raising awareness of emerging areas of labor-related provisions such as forced labour, anti-discrimination, gender equality in the context of trade as well as in labor-related terms correlated with the broader sector of future trade, including the environment and technology.

2. Introduction for Use

After accessing the website, users can look up the Labor Provisions of each Country (Trade Partner) in each Trade Agreement in the search bar on the Home Page.

LP Hub allows users to navigate and analyze Labor Provisions in RTAs through World Map, Table with Text and Trend graphs

+ World map: provides an overview of the number of countries participating in RTAs with labor provisions (in blue), or participating in RTAs without labor provisions (in grey). Partner countries with a common RTA with labor provisions will be linked by a yellow line.

+ Text Table: lists RTAs of countries, provides text and location of all labor provisions in each RTA. 

+ Trend graphs: provide information on the development of RTAs over time, showing the ratio of RTAs with labour provisions to RTAs without, globally…

Users can look up Labor Provisions under Obligations, Monitoring and Cooperation, and Dispute Settlement Mechanisms by using the menu displayed on the right side of the screen.

Example of Looking up labor provisions in FTAs in which Vietnam participates.
After entering the keyword "Vietnam" in the search bar, specific information about the Map, Table of RTAs... will be displayed specifically, as follows:

+ Map 

 + Trend graph

+ Table of RTAs in which Vietnam participates

This table provides all RTAs in which Vietnam participates with information on Trade Agreement, Year of entry into force, Trade Partner, Labor Provisions (whether or not available).

Agreements with labor provisions will be displayed in green, none will be displayed in gray
When Clicking on any Agreements with labor provisions, more detailed information about the Agreement (including: name, year of entry into force, Signatories, Text of Agreement), as well as labor provisions in that Agreement (including: Obligations, Monitoring and Cooperation, Dispute Settlement Mechanisms) will be displayed in detail. 

Source: Center for WTO and International Trade - VCCI