VNTR - Vietnam National Trade Repository

1. General introduction

Vietnam National Trade Repository (VNTR) ( is a repository for all Trade Agreements as well as cross-border rules and regulations which businesses must comply with when trading in Services and Goods across Vietnam's border. VNTR is designed to be a resource that allows traders to quickly and efficiently understand the rules and regulations that must be followed to ensure compliance with Vietnam's cross-border trade requirements.

2. Functions of Vietnam National Trade Repository

Helping businesses comply with current laws and regulations on trade and providing updated information on new trade-related developments and opportunities.

Helping Vietnam fully integrate into the international economic community.

Affirming Vietnam's position as a leading partner in free trade agreements.

Meeting Vietnam's trade commitments as a member of ASEAN.

Supporting Vietnam's efforts to strengthen two-way trade, and make it possible for businesses of all sizes and industries to access commercial information to grow and thrive.

Helping Vietnam recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and contributing to the post-pandemic economic growth trajectory.

3. Website Structure and Instructions for Use

VNTR's website includes the following sections: (1) Home page; (2) Trade in goods; (3) Trade in services; (4) Investment; (5) Free Trade Agreements; (6) News

3.1. Home page

Businesses can “Search Goods”; “Search Services”; “Search Investment” in the Search Bar on the Home page.

With the option "Search Goods", after entering the HS code/name of the Goods in the Search Bar and selecting the Exporting country, Businesses will find out information about: (i) Tariff; (ii) Rules of Origin, and (iii) Non-Tariff Measures.

With the option "Search Services", and "Search Investment", businesses can choose 1 service/investment from the drop-down list or enter keywords for the service they want to search for.

In addition, businesses can also quickly search for Information about a List of goods, tariffs, rules of origin, non-tariff measures, Legal Documents, and procedures... by clicking on the Bars displayed on the Home page

3.2. Trade in Goods

This section provides information about Vietnam's "List of Goods", Vietnam’s "Tariff Schedules" and its partners in FTAs to which Vietnam participates, "Rules of Origin" in the Agreements, "Non-tariff measures" for imported goods, Legal Documents…

Businesses can choose from the categories they are looking for

3.3. Trade in Services

This section provides information on “WTO Services Sectoral Classification”, “UN Central Product Classification”, “Trade in Services Agreement”, “Services Schedule of commitments” and “Related laws and regulations”


Businesses can choose from the categories they are looking for

3.4. Investment

This section provides information on “Classification of Economic Activities”, “Agreements on Investment”, “Investment Schedule of commitments” and “related Laws and Regulations”.

Businesses can choose from the categories they are looking for

3.5. Free Trade Agreements

VNTR provides data on “Agreement Text”, “Main Commitments” and “Related Laws and Regulations” of FTAs that Vietnam participates in.

3.6. News

Besides providing information about commitments on Trade in goods, trade in services, and investment, VNTR also updates news, events, publications, and statistics related to cross-border trade with Vietnam. Businesses can directly access articles and events from the Home page or VNTR's menu bar or can access past articles by entering keywords in the search bar and granting the time interval if desired.