Report "EU Green Deal and Vietnam's Exports"

To implement the goal of building the European Union (EU) into an emissions-neutral region by 2050, the European Green Deal was announced by the European Commission on December 13, 2019 and approved by the European Council on January 15, 2020.

The EU Green Deal (EGD) is a set of EU policy initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing the use of natural resources in economic development. From a production and business perspective, the adoption and gradual implementation of specific policy goals in the EGD means that business activities on or with the EU market, including import, sale, consumption and disposal of goods from outside the EU market will have to meet higher green requirements.

The EU is currently one of Vietnam's largest export markets, with an increasing growth rate under the positive and pervasive impact of the Vietnam - EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA). To continue to effectively and sustainably exploit this market, understanding and fully complying with green regulations in the EU market is especially important for Vietnamese manufacturers and exporters as well as relevant authority units.

A Quick Survey conducted by the Vietnam Federation of Commerce and Industry in August 2023 showed that a significant proportion of businesses and other related entities have never known or only briefly heard of EGD or specific policies and regulations implementing EGD that the EU has implemented up to this point.

Meanwhile, many specific EU policies and regulations implementing EGD that directly affect Vietnam's exports to this market have been issued, are taking effect or will take effect in the coming months. next time. At the same time, according to the EU's plan, many other policies and regulations will also be implemented in the near future, with higher standards, covering more types of goods imported into the EU.

Therefore, the current urgent issue for Vietnamese manufacturing and exporting enterprises to the EU is to learn about the EGD, the specific roadmaps of this Agreement, and the specific strategies and regulations that have been issued, about the general impact of EGD on Vietnam's exports to this region as well as about the specific green requirements that the EU sets for different groups and types of goods imported into this Bloc. This will be the basis for businesses to prepare and take appropriate actions to meet EU green requirements and continue exporting to this important market.

To help businesses and related agencies, organizations and units have a complete and accurate understanding of EGD and the effects of this Agreement on the future of Vietnam's exports to the EU, especially in some key export sectors of Vietnam that are subject to many new EGD green standards, with the support of FNF Vietnam Institute, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry - VCCI (Center for WTO and International Trade) has conducted research and developed the Report "EU Green Deal and Vietnam's Exports - The case of the agricultural, food and textile industries".

This report was announced at the Workshop "EU Green Deal and Impact on Vietnamese Exports" organized by VCCI in collaboration with the FNF Institute in Hanoi on November 16, 2023 (Conference link)

The Summary Report (in English) is attached below: