Handbook of National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window


Date: 10 July 2017

By: General Department of Vietnam Customs 

The NSW and ASW which has had the positive influence on enterprises minimize time and costs for the enterprises. In the past, the enterprises had to directly take the dossiers and the documents to hand in agencies, ministries, and branches for carrying out procedures; Moreover, the enterprises had to also photo the dossiers and documents into many copies to send other agencies and ministries for certification. Now, the enterprises just implement the procedure once via the e-information gate, which has made more favorable for import-export activities, production, and business. 

Therefore, General Department of Vietnam Customs published the "Handbook of National Single Window and ASEAN Single Window" at 10 July 2017 to help Vietnam companies in their importing and exporting activities.

The Vietnamese version is attached below here