Vietnam Import-Export Report 2016

19/09/2017    373

Date: March 2017

By: Ministry of Industry and Commerce Vietnam

"Vietnam Import and Export Report 2016" systematically reviews the basics of Vietnam's import and export activities in 2016.

The report provides truthful and accurate information, reflecting the results achieved, not achieved as well as the opportunities, challenges and new steps of import and export activities in 2016.

The content provided in the Report is diverse, comprehensive, from the situation of export and import by each commodity group, each market to negotiate, organize the implementation of commitments under free trade agreements (FTA ) and the situation of taking advantage of opportunities offered by FTAs. The report also mentioned issues related to foreign trade management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade such as: developing mechanisms and policies for import and export; trade promotion programs; export promotion solutions; trade facilitation; trade defense.

Hopefully this will be a useful publication to help relevant agencies, economic organizations and businesses have sufficient reference information to serve in the process of planning policies and production and business plans, in order to help businesses develop sustainably and minimize risks, take advantage of opportunities to promote import and export activities.


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The Report in Vietnamese is attached below: