Statistics Section from General Statistics Office of Vietnam

19/06/2019    687

The Statistics section provides monthly statistical information, main statistics (preliminary, estimated) and official statistics divided into groups of indicators of national statistical indicators system

1. Monthly statistics information (The monthly, quarterly, yearly report on socio-economic situation is posted in the sub-section "SOCIO-ECONOMIC SITUATION".)

2. Monthly industrial production, consumption and inventory index; Consumer price index, gold price index and monthly USD price index; Import and export values are classified by the main territories and countries monthly, posted in the sub-section "SPECIAL DATA".

3. Official statistics are gathered and posted in the subsection "STATISTICAL DATA" as a national socio-economic database and are classified according to the regulations of the statistical indicators system, primarily the national statistical indicators system.

Guide to exploit statistical information and download information to personal computers in different formats such as HTML, Excel, text ... is also provided

Readers can access the sections by clicking at the link: Statistics Section - General Statistics Office of Vietnam

The section user manual is attached below (Vietnamese version):