Center for WTO & International Trade (WITC)

Activity Summary Report in 2016 – WTO and International Trade Center – VCCI

02/02/2017    40

In 2016,  businesses legal assistance activities of WTO and International Trade Center were carried out on 05 major areas. Each activity achieved promising result and was highly appreciated by the associations and businesses community.

1. Supporting businesses on Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

As a representative and an information hub guiding the businesses in international trade issues, especially free trade agreements under the Prime Minister's Decision 06/2012/QD-TTg, in 2016, WTO and International Trade Center continued to be the biggest hub where businesses could find information and advice on the WTO and major FTAs that Vietnam is engaging. Notable activities included: 

  • Publish 01 handbook "Summary of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)";
  • Carry out 09 pieces of research "Review of Vietnam legal framework against commitments under EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA)/Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)" in 09 sectors;
  • Build 01 ASEAN Economic Community Portal (AEC) (English and Vietnamese versions);
  • Organize or coordinate to organize 37 events on TPP, EVFTA and other integration topics
  • Implementing 03 Enterprises Investigations  on integration-related issues
  • Make 32 recommendations - comments on integration-related issues...

2. Assisting businesses in issues relating to trade remedies 

The Center provides businesses with legal supports relating to trade integration, especially the use of anti-dumping, subsidy and safeguard measures and other trade protection measures in Vietnam to protect domestic producers against imported goods.

In 2016, WTO and International Trade Center provided 08 major supporting packages (information and legal advice) for Vietnamese assossiations and businesses relating to trade remedies investigations domestically and internationally, collaborating with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to organize 02 conferences Summarizing the enforcement of trade defense law and proposing solutions.

3. Providing information, training, advice and other support on trade integration

Through activities on mass media with 04 websites, WTO and International Trade Center is currently the biggest reputable hub of information and advice on trade integration for assossiations and businesses ( (Vietnamese)/ (English) and (Vietnamese)/ (English) with a total of over 44 million visits and average of 10 articles posted daily. In 2016, the Center compiled and published 16 publications; conducted hundreds of business consultations via phone, email ...

4. Implementing Programs and Projects

This is a group of activities that are meaningful to businesses and associations in improving the process of participating in the building of international trade policies. These activities are supported by the State Budget to carry out the tasks assigned to the VCCI by the Government or actively sought by the WTO and Integration Center in order to utilize the resources from the donors to support business integration of VCCI.

In 2016, The Center conducted:

  • 02 programs financed by the State budget, including:
    • The program to carry out the tasks assigned in Decision 06/2012/QD-TTg on enhancing the participation of enterprises in the trade opening negotiations; 
    • The program to support Vietnamese businesses on trade remedies.
  • 05 projects financed by other sources, including: 
    • "Review of Vietnam legal framework under commitment against EVFTA/TPP" (in collaboration with British Embassy); 
    • Series of Workshops/Dissemination Books on TPP" (in collaboration with ADB's MBI Program and Australian Embassy);
    • "Research on the Impact of TPP, EVFTA on the participation of Vietnamese SMEs in global value chains" (in collaboration with DIE Research Institute - Germany);
    • "Research on policy recommendations to support the development of industries in the context of integration - 02 export retail and wood processing industries" (in collaboration with the Asia Foundation and the Australian Embassy) ;
    •  "Research on Marketization of conformity assessment services in Vietnam" (in collaboration with FNF - Germany).

5. Consulting and providing professional support on legal issues in trade integration for the VCCI’s Standing Committee and affiliates

The WTO and International Trade Center have consulted the Standing Committee, Departments, Branches, and Representative Offices of VCCI on all matters relating to negotiation and implementation of commitments in WTO, FTAs and other international trade treaties.

In the first 6 months of 2016, the Center prepared 03 presentations on integration for VCCI President, implemented consultations on integration program for branches and representative offices, collaborate with VCCI branches in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City to disseminate TPP commitments - FTAs in local areas, compiling TPP-FTA handbook for the Vung Tau branch.