Center for WTO & International Trade (WITC)

Activity Summary Report in 2014 – WTO and International Trade Center – VCCI

02/02/2015    30

In 2014, businesses legal assistance activities of WTO and International Trade Center were carried out on 03 major areas: advocate international trade policy , support enterprises on trade remedies issues and provide information, advices, consultations on integration and other integration-related support

1. International trade policy advocacy

(The International Trade Advisory Committee - INTAC)

As a representative and an information hub guiding the businesses in international trade issues, especially free trade agreements under the Prime Minister's Decision 06/2012/QD-TTg, in 2014, WTO and International Trade Center (through INTAC) continued to be the biggest hub where businesses could find information and advice on the WTO and major FTAs that Vietnam is engaging with 03 recommendations on negotiation plan VPA/FLEGT and WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement, Information Technology Agreement 2.0, constant updates on TPP, EVFTA; organized and collaborated to organize nearly 20 conferences/seminars and implemented over 30 research, reports, comments on other important integration policy of Vietnam. 

2. Assisting businesses in issues relating to trade remedies 

(Trade Remedies Committee - TRC)

The Center provides businesses with legal supports relating to trade integration, especially the use of anti-dumping, subsidy and safeguard lawsuit of Vietnam's goods in other countries. In 2014, WTO and International Trade Center provided 09 support packages (information, legal consultation) for Vietnam associations and businesses on antidumping investigations of Vietnam's goods in foreign markets and of imported goods in Vietnam.

The WTO and International Trade Center collaborated with branches of VCCI to organize 08 conferences disseminating information on integration-related issues.

3. Providing information, training, advice and other support on trade integration

This is considered one of the most successful activities of the WTO and Integration Center. WTO and International Trade Center is currently the biggest reputable hub of information and advice on trade integration for associations and businesses with 04 websites ( (Vietnamese)/ (English) and (Vietnamese)/ (English) with a total of over 24 million visits and average of 20 articles posted daily08 integration-related news bulletins for businesses; provide hundreds of business consultations via phone, email ...