Book "Basic market regulation of Nordic countries and Latvia"

31/10/2020    95

Time: September 2020

By: The Vietnam Trade Office in Sweden

Nordic countries have developed economies, stable political situation, and people with high living standards which are among the top in the world. Nordic retail groups operate around the world in all fields such as food, home appliances, crafts, fine arts ...

The EVFTA Agreement, which takes effect from August 1, 2020, will bring a positive impact to Vietnam and the EU in general, as well as the EU member states in the Nordic region.

In order to support Vietnamese businesses to boost their export to the Nordic market in the coming time, the Vietnam Trade Office in Sweden (concurrently with Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Latvia), with Support from the Economic Diplomatic Fund publishes the book "Basic market regulations of Nordic countries and Latvia", in which in addition to the basic regulations of 6 countries, the main contents of the EVFTA Agreement are also mentioned.

The book is attached in this link