The E-Book on East Asia Investment Practice - China

31/05/2022    157

Time: 2021

By: East Asia Business Council (EABC)

Ebooks on East Asian Investment Practices include Ebooks on Investment Practices of 10 ASEAN Member States and China, Japan and Korea.

The E-Book on East Asia Investment Practice - China includes the following Chapters:

Chapter 1: General Information on geography, political, social and cultural environment 

Chapter 2: Business Environment 

Chapter 3: Economic and Trade Policies 

Chapter 4: Industrial Development

Chapter 5: Starting a Business

Chapter 6: Legal Provisions

Chapter 7: Dispute Resolution

Chapter 8: Free Trade Agreements

Chapter 9: The Belt and Road Initiative

Chapter 10: Support Measures against COVID-19

Chapter 11: Contact Information of Relevant Departments and Institutions 

Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions

The E-Book is attached below this: