Typical policies of EU Green Deal

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Since green and sustainable development is a collective and inter-industry issue, one action can affect multiple sectors, one goal can only be achieved through many policies, implementing in many sectors; the EU chose to design EGD’s key contents[1]by 09 main basic policy goals not by specific sectors:

- Each EGD’s targeted direction includes many policies to be implemented to achieve the goal. However, for some policies it is possible to implement two or more goal directives;

- Policies could include actions, measures affecting one or many different sectors in order to implement one or many targeted directions in EGD.

At the same time, as mentioned above, Fulltext of Green Deal is only a framework where policy packages are stated in general and directive manner and they are not specific green standards, requirements, solutions. Detailed contents, specific actions  (in Laws, Regulations, Strategies, Action Plans, etc.) are only built and applied during EGD implementation process according to the practical roadmap. Even in some cases, there are regulations that were already implemented before, but if they are considered to contribute to the implementation of EGD objectives, the EU shall include them in the general framework of EGD implementation, with updates (revision, enhancement of implementing mechanism, etc.) if necessary. Meanwhile, from implementation and compliance perspectives, Vietnam’s economic actors in general and exporters in particular often put their focus on specific policies, measures relating to EU Green Deal in each specific area in which they are interested.

To harmonize between EGD’s general approach by target groups and the businesses’ needs for specific information of EGD’s relevant contents by sectors, Research Group shall categorize EGD’s contents based on the classification of actions types relevant to EGD used by European Commission[2] with necessary adjustments. In each content group, details are described and explained as per Fulltext of EU Green Deal and in actual situation of EGD’s policies, implementing measures as of now (Oct 2023).

Accordingly, EGD’s main content groups will be categorized by:

- Sectors: Climate, Environment and Ocean, Agriculture, Industry, Energy, Transportation, Research and Development, Finance, Construction; 

- Each sector shall comprise policies, specific actions relating to EU Green Deal which have been implemented by the EU from  Jan 2020 (time for EGD’s approval) until now (Oct 2023).

Below are the brief of the EU’s policies, specific actions in the framework of European Green Deal implemented by the EU in specific sectors[3].

Typical green policies in the EU Green Deal

Source: Summary of VCCI Research Group

Source: Report "EU Green Deal and Vietnam's Exports - The case of the agricultural, food and textile industries" – Center for WTO and International Trade

[1]Not taking into account of contents which are general or mainly related to administrative/political issues of EU alone: (i) general introduction of the nessessity, emergencies; (ii) EU’s international position and roles in international collaboration; (iii) Public – Private collaboration in EU.

[2]Notes: Categorisation is only relative since there exists some policies, measures which are for multiple objectives in different sectors or implementing solutions to many various Strategies, Action Plans as long as they contribute to the common goal of Green Deal.

[3]In this specific case, policies will be categorized in the more related sector.