Implementation of the EU Green Deal for the period 2020-2023

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After European Green Deal was announced and adopted, many Strategies, Programs, implementing Plans, legislation, etc. have been issued to realize policies and goals set out in EGD.

According to the European Committee (EC)’s statistics, from Jan 2020 to Oct 2023, for actions at EU level alone (not taken into account the EU member countries’ actions), there were 58 different moves (proposal/issuance of Strategies, Action Plans, Legislation, Directives, etc.) for specification of green policies in multiple sectors of EGD. In many cases (especially Strategies/Action Plans, etc.) once announced/passed, they will be specified by solutions, legal instruments, administrative measures..

There is no full statistics of total actions done within European Green Deal framework at the EU level and the EU Member States, however it can be confirmed that the number and scope of these actions are significant.

It can be seen that the EU is very fast in implementing its climate goals. In just less than four years from the approval of the European Green Deal in late 2019 until now, the EU has timely revised some goals (typically the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emission by 55% has been replaced with that of 57% decrease), and updated regulations (e.g common example is the revision of actions in European industrial Strategy with Industrial Plans under EGD) to accelerate the efforts and results in this continent.

Some remarkable timelines of EGD[1]’s implementation for the period of 2020-2023

- 4 March 2020: Proposal for a European Climate Law(which was later issued 9/7/2021, effective on 29/7/2021).

- 10 March 2020: Announcement of EU Industrial Strategy (continue to be revised to “ The Green deal Industrial Plan dated 01/02/2023”.

- 11 March 2020: Proposal of Circular Economy Action Plan –circular and sustainable Textile Strategy, Package and packaging waste Regulations, etc. is a part of the tasks mentioned in this Action Plan

- 20 May 2020: The Farm to Fork Strategy and EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 were presented.

- 12 May 2021: Announcement of  Zero pollution Action Plan

- 14 July 2021: Approval of “Fit for 55” Action Package including series of proposal for amendment, update of current EU’s regulations with the aim of reducing gas emissions by 55% in 2030 (compared to 1990s levels)by compulsory legal obligations - Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism endorsed in 5/2023 which is a part of “Fit for 55” Package

- 17 November 2021: Proposals to stop deforestation, innovate sustainable waste management and make soils healthy – Regulation on Deforestation issued on  6 December 2022 is an integral part of this proposal

- 23 April 2023: Proposal to revise the existing marketing standards of agri-food products

Source: Online session for EU Green Deal by European Committee (EC) at below link:



Source: Report "EU Green Deal and Vietnam's Exports - The case of the agricultural, food and textile industries" – Center for WTO and International Trade

[1]Only selection of some typical actions with direct and indirect impacts on goods imported from outside to EU, not including actions which only affect actors within internal EU.