Basic policy directions of EU Green Deal

21/12/2023    12

In the Documents, the European Green Deal mentions 09 main policy directions, each of which includes specific regulations, strategies, financial resources for implementation in compliance with the roadmap designed to gradually reach goals.

Specifically, European Green Deal is designed around below main policy directions:

- Implementing ambitious climate goals in 2030 (reducing at least 55% net greenhouse emissions compared with 1990s levels)and in 2050 (be the first climate neutral territory)

- Providing clean and safe energy with affordable price

- Building clean and circular economy

- Being safe from farm to fork (establishment of fair, healthy, environment-friendly food system)

- Building toxic-free environments (reducing micro-plastic pollution, looking for other sustainable alternatives to chemicals, etc.)

- Preserving and recovering ecosystem and biodiversity

- Boost transition process to smart and sustainable transport

- Building and renovating in energy and resource saving way

- No one is left behind (fair transition mechanism – supporting for those who are severely impacted by transition process)

Source: Report "EU Green Deal and Vietnam's Exports - The case of the agricultural, food and textile industries" – Center for WTO and International Trade