Rules of Origin Facilitator - ITC


About the Rules of Origin Facilitator

Rules of Origin Facilitator provides user-friendly access to ITC’s database of rules of origin and origin provisions in trade agreements. Combined with the tariff and trade agreements databases that are continuously maintained by ITC’s Market Access Map since 2006, it results in a unique market intelligence solution empowering companies to benefit from trade agreements worldwide. The database of rules of origin currently contains data for more than 270 trade agreements applied by more than 190 countries as well as non-preferential regimes of the EU, the USA and Switzerland. This ITC’s database on rules of origin is continuously expanding with the ultimate goal to cover all free trade agreements and preferential schemes that are currently active in the world (more than 400).

The Rules of Origin Facilitator aims to help SMEs increase trade by taking advantage of global trade opportunities in the form of low duty rates under trade agreements. The tool can also be used by policymakers, trade negotiators, economists as well as any other users.

Why use Rules of Origin Facilitator?

Through a simple search function, user can find and enter a commodity code, one or more country of export and the country of destination - and immediately obtain vital information about the available trade agreements, tariff benefits and product specific rules of origin as well as other conditions and required documents.

Created with SMEs in mind, the Rules of Origin Facilitator is intuitive to use and business-friendly. Each origin provision is linked to a bespoke glossary allowing users to familiarise themselves with the purpose of the provision and practical examples of its application. A number of additional supporting resources are also available.

The ability to compare origin provisions displayed in a standardised way enables SMEs to conduct comprehensive market research without the need to search and read through hundreds of pages of complicated legal texts to find the applicable rules.

The tool is constantly improved and the data behind is monitored and updated on an ongoing basis.

Data sources

ITC extracts all information on rules of origin directly from the texts of trade agreements. Each product-specific origin criterion is then coded into a universal classification system based on the existing literature and common practice.

Tariff and trade agreement information comes from the Market Access Map ( which has been continuously maintained and updated by ITC since 2006.