EU Green Deal’s policies in Agriculture sector

21/12/2023    3

European Green Deal’s policies in agriculture sector aim to:

- Ensure food security in the face of climate change and biodiversity loss

- Reduce the environmental and climate footprint of the EU food system;

- Strengthen the EU food system’s resilience;

- Promote global transition towards competitive sustainability from farm to fork.

Below are the outlines of specific policies to implement EGD’s objectives in agriculture sector. Most of them focus on EU’s internal agricultural issues and have little impact on imports of agricultural products, food from outside to the EU.

  1. “Farm to Fork” Strategy

“Farm to Fork” Strategy (F2F) was adopted by European Commission on 20th May 2020 with the main objective of accelerating the EU’s transition towards a sustainable food system.

This Strategy includes a series of specific actions to build a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system, featuring:

- Building legislative framework for sustainable food system (FSFS): to be approved by European Commission in late 2023 tentatively;

- Contingency Plan for ensuring food supply and food security (adopted on 12/11/2021): identifying aspects to be improved to ensure the EU’s food security in times of crisis (with lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic) and creating of a European Food Security Crisis preparedness and response Mechanism - EFSCM;

- Specific legislative actions (revisions to related documents, legal regulations) for achieving the strategy’s targets (i.e.: reducing the use and the risk of chemical pesticides by 50% in 2030, hitting 25% for agricultural land under organic farming, etc.).

Implementation of action plans for this Programme, especially revisions, amendments to the EU’s legislative regulations, is assumed to lead to stricter standards for agricultural, and food manufacturing (use of chemicals, pesticides, maximum chemical residue in agricultural, and food products, etc.) within the EU as well as imported goods to the EU.

  1.  Other policy groups relating to agriculture

- Common Agricultural Policy (CAP): To implement European Green Deal in agriculture sector, the EU has had many specific actions relating to this Policy, including (i) Reforming CAP in a new flexible, performance-and results-based approach that takes into account specific local needs and characteristics and aligns with objectives of European Green Deal; (ii) Setting new criteria for establishing and implementing CAP Strategic Plans of Member States;

- Organic Action Plan: the EU has updated the implementation of the Organic Action Plan in three axes supported by 23 specific actions including amendment, supplement of some regulations, principles relating to production, distribution, marketing of organic products in the EU market.

Source: Report "EU Green Deal and Vietnam's Exports - The case of the agricultural, food and textile industries" – Center for WTO and International Trade