Date: September 12, 2022

By: Vietnam E-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency, Ministry of Industry and Trade.

To get an overview of Vietnam's e-commerce application situation under the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic in the general picture of global e-commerce, Vietnam E-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) has just published  "The White Book on Vietnamese E-Business 2022".

The White Book on Vietnamese E-Business is a document published annually to summarize and update information and comprehensive data on Vietnam's e-commerce from the policy infrastructure environment to the level of e-commerce application in the community and businesses. This year's publication will provide statistical data on e-commerce from different perspectives in relation to other countries and regions and the world.

Similar to previously published publications, the content of The White Book is built from the results of surveys of nearly 5,000 consumers and about 10,000 businesses, along with aggregate data from a number of reputable organizations around the world. 

Vietnam E-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency hopes this publication will bring a lot of useful information to state agencies, experts, organizations and individuals interested in the field of e-commerce. .

The Report (in Vietnamese) is attached below: